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Advance Keylogger

Advanced keystroke recorder saves user activities in an encrypted log files with option to mail user log files at specified E-mail address or upload log file via FTP server for accessing log at any remote location. Invisible Key logging utility runs in background and does not appear in Installation path, Start menu or Add/Remove programs list.

Software helps in monitoring computer activities like Chatting, playing online games, visiting Online Shopping sites or Social Network sites performed by employees during office hours when you are not around.

Advance Keylogger software records computer activities and internet usages including:
  • System activities

    • Typed keystrokes, Clipboard contents
    • Voice chat conversations, Application activities
    • System time modifications, Capture Windows screenshots
  • Internet activities

    • Visited website, Send emails
    • Temp files, Cookies
Software Features:
  • Records every Keystroke typed, Websites visited, Online Chat conversations, Login/Passwords, typed URL, Documents and periodically capture Screenshots.
  • Saves recorded entire activities in encrypted log files, which are automatically, send to user specified e-mail ID or upload log file via FTP setting.
  • Works in stealth mode such that external user cannot identify the installation of keystroke recorder software product.
  • Facilitate to set hot keys or run command to access the application if it runs in hidden mode.
  • Facilitate to view backup of every log file.