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Data Wiper

Data wiping software erases selected files and folders, wipes entire Hard Disk Drive (saved or unsaved data), traces of Internet activities (History, Cookies, Favorites, Temporary Internet Files), System files, Application files and Unused Disk space from the Windows hard disk drive and USB flash removable media including Memory cards, Pen drives and frees the disk space for the better system performance.

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Software wiping options includes Non-destructive wiping and Destructive wiping
  • Non-destructive wiping

    • Non-destructive wiping easily removes unused disk space (Supporting both hard disk drive and removable media) and erases all your online/offline internet activities, unused disk space and system activity files.
  • Easily wipes:

    • Unused disk space (Wipes the unused disk space on Hard disk and Removable media)
    • Internet files (Permanently deletes internet files including Cookies, History, Temporary internet files, Typed URL)
    • System files, Administrator temporary file, Clipboard content, Recent document, Network folder, Recycle bin folder, System registry traces, and Windows event log
    • Application files (erases traces of Microsoft Access, Excel, Management console, PowerPoint, Paint, Windows media player and WordPad)
Destructive wiping
  • Destructive wiping support wiping of the entire or selected disk area sector range regardless of data saved in that sector range.
  • Easily wipes:

    • Entire drive or selected disk area (Remove both saved and unsaved data in Destructive wiping).
Software Features:
  • Erases all deleted files and folders using fast or secure data wiping algorithms.
  • Wipe the entire hard disk drive for cleaning and re-installing Operating System.
  • Wipes the unused disk space for better system performance.
  • Support windows hard disk drive and USB flash removable media drives.
  • Safely erases all Internet Online/Offline activities traces.
  • Secure wiping algorithms make sure that wiped data cannot be recovered by any data recovery software.
  • Software irreversibly wipes the hard disk unused disk space resulting in better system performance.