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Are your children surfing inappropriate websites when you are away?

Are your employees doing unofficial work during office hours?

Do you want to record their entire keystrokes activities without noticed by them (children, employees and other users using your PC)?

Computer monitoring application runs secretly in background and undetected in Add/Remove program list, System startup, Program files and even hides the software installation files and folders. Keylogger software acts like an undercover agent to record all keystrokes typed by external user on PC keyboard in your absence.

Use professional Keylogger software that traces and records user activities on your computer in your absence. Key logger software records all typed keystrokes including:

  • Document list
  • Send emails
  • Typed URL’s
  • Chat conversation on popular messengers (Yahoo, AOL, Gmail, AIM, MSN)
  • Windows Login id
  • Password and everything that is typed on your Desktop and Laptop PC
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Software Features:
  • Records typed keystrokes by external user on your computer system.
  • Saves recorded keystrokes in encrypted log file.
  • Password protected feature prevents unauthorized users to change or modify software configuration settings.
  • Remain hidden in Start menu, Installation files and Add/Remove program list.
  • Generate reports of recorded details in txt or html file format.
  • Provide facility to set hot key and run command settings to access the keylogger application if it run in hidden mode.
  • Facilitate to view all typed input keystrokes and you can also view only printing keystrokes.